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Group Fitness

Cardio Boxing:

A great cardio workout. Running, squats, box jumps, and lots of Boxing. Suitable for all fitness levels, go at your own pace. Bring a training partner or come alone and meet some new people (45 mins).


Boot camp:

A fantastic combination of Cardio , Interval and Strength training, and lots of fun. Rope whips, sled pushes, sandbag carries, tyre flips etc. Get a great workout while having fun.. (Elements of the obstacle course sometimes included). (45 mins)


Circuit Class:

A great combination of resistance training and high-intensity aerobic exercises. Build strength and endurance at the same time moving from station to station for timed intervals. (45 mins)



This training combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest Interval and Tabata techniques to set the metabolism on fire! High Intensity (30 mins).


Strength & Core:

Learn techniques for heavier lifting and how to “spot” others. Test your lifting limits safely (45 mins).


Six-a-Side Soccer:

Small field (“on court”) soccer. Enjoy a fun and social game of soccer. Suitable for all fitness levels. (45 mins).


Twisted Sister:

Obstacle course training which can be run competively as a race, or as a team building group fitness exercise session . Great functional training.
For more detail check out the Twisted Sister website.


See our current Group Fitness Timetable

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Personal Training (including mobile PT to your home)

Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre offers a number of highly qualified personal trainers.

Need to focus on improving your health and fitness then why not seek the assistance of professionals who know how to maximize your results?

Whether you are looking to:

  • Improve your general fitness
  • Lose those few extra kilos
  • Improve your golf, tennis or other sport
  • Improve your medical condition
  • Rehabilitate from an injury or illness; or
  • Build muscle.

Training programs can be designed specifically for you in search of your goals.

Our trainers are well qualified, registered with Fitness Australia and extremely professional in the delivery of their craft.

Why You Should Consider Personal Training:

If, like many people, you have never sought professional tuition for your weight training, chances are you are likely to be using incorrect techniques and exercises reducing your ability to maximize the results you deserve.

If you prefer to have a personal trainer visit you at home or other suitable venue we will come to you. Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre is now pleased to provide a fully mobile PT service. If babysitting is a problem and you just can’t get away from home, or if you just don’t want to use a gym, then let us help you with your health and fitness at your place. Avoid the ‘fly-by-nighter PTs and let one of our trainers, from our reputable established gym, come to you.

Many of our clients have found the results they were looking for when they took on a personal trainer to guide their approach. Shane Sharpin is one such client who has seen fantastic results through working with his personal trainer (see our testimonials).

Meet our Personal Trainers, and improve your health and fitness

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Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister is a group fitness session combining functional boot camp style outdoor training with a permanently constructed combat obstacle course. It is designed to be completed in teams with a focus on the team building skills required to complete the more challenging obstacles.

Twisted Sister is ideal for social groups, friends, families, sports team’s corporate groups and anyone who wants to have great fun while getting a tough workout.
The course can be tailored to accommodate various age groups and fitness levels and Individuals keen to participate are welcome and will be allotted to a team.

We also offer additional team building and leadership modules with the ability to select components groomed to your needs. For groups wishing to incorporate the course into a social gathering there is a BBQ available for hire and an undercover seating area where you can relax after the course.

This is a great option for corporate events, businesses, sports teams or school groups looking to identify leaders, build team spirit and encourage participation, or just enjoy a get together with a “twist”.

Runs regularly 8am Sat mornings (numbers permitting/bookings essential). Private group bookings are run to suit by appointment. Free for Gym Members. $15 for Casuals.

Find out more at or visit the Facebook page.

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Tailored programs

Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre will work with indiduals to tailor-make their own personalised training schedule.

As well as a personal program, users can focus on a number of areas of specialised training to achieve a desired outcome.

For those wanting to focus on strength and conditioning, programs will be designed for you to ensure you get as much benefit from each session as possible.

For those who want to lose weight, exercise plans can be developed that include a healthy eating regime which which is fundamentally designed to change behaviour and maintain focus.

Programs can also be tailored for specific rehabilitation purposes to strengthen muscles and tissues to promote more rapid healing and return to health. Whether injuries are sports related, the result of a workplace accident or just an everyday mishap, the best form of treatment is a plan specifically designed to compensate the the injury and encourage a quicker recovery.

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