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Client Testimonials

Peter Senior — Ambassador for Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre

Peter Senior, 2012 Australian Open champion and US Champions Tour Competitor, acts as Ambassador for the Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre. Peter, a longstanding Hope Island Resident (over 17 years), fully endoses the Hope Island Fitness Centre as he believes it's long overdue for the resort to have a public gym. Peter calls upon resort residents to get behind the facility and make use of the wonderful facilities.

Peter Senior Drive is merely a “driver stroke” from the Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre as it loops around the Links Hope Island Golf Course where Peter works his craft. If you don't see Peter at the gym having a workout or personal training session you will probably see him on the course or on one of the many televisions at the fitness centre broadcasting his progress on tour.

Peter trains with Graham Matthews. For more, read Peter's testimonial where he outlines the value weights training and improved fitness has on the serious golfer.

Read more: Peter Senior's Vote for HIRFC

Our clients have seen some amazing results through their committment and knowing they'll enjoy their workout. Here's what some have to say.

Renee Aldridge | Amanda Armytage | Tania Dawson | Jennifer Donohoe | Fraser Griffiths
Andrew Hertz | Karen Hubbert | Tina Hubbert & Sydney Maple | Felix Kalade | Emma Land |
Lizzie Lawrence
| Lisa | Michelle | Mandy Mills | Zoë Moynahan | Scott Phillips | Kely Putri
Holly Radnedge | Shane Sharpin | Paul Smerdon | Mike Taylor | OwenTodd | Paul Wilson

Andrew thinks gym is worth doing properly

I lost 19.4kgs in just over 4 months - 5/1 to 10/5.
My motto in life - "If something in life is worth doing, it is worth doing PROPERLY"
I weigh the same now as when I was 18 - that is 40 years ago.
If you cannot watch your calorie intake and make time for +- 3 hours gym every WEEK, ask yourself - "how many hours per week do I watch TV?"
One main thing that kept me going was Graham's continued positive feedback and inspirational comments - HIRFC is just a GREAT gym to go to!
Andrew Hertz

Holly has a new view on training and personal fitness

I have been training at the Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre for the past 2.5 years and in this time I have changed the way I view my training and personal fitness goals! The trainers are professional and supportive. There is a great variety of classes available to suit everyone’s needs allowing you to meet your own training goals every session. I am a working mum and the 24 hour times are convenient and allow me to train when it suits me, there are also early morning classes too! I personally have back issues and fibromyalgia. Graham and his PT trainers have personalised programs for me to be able to strengthen my back and use fitness as a way of managing my chronic pain. As the gym is privately operated it allows for a personal feel and I highly recommend anyone to come and join.
Holly Radnedge


The 'best gym' that Zoë has ever been to

Thank you again for all your help and support over the last year. I am extremely sad to be leaving this gym and everyone in it. You have all made my experience in Australia that much better. I wish you all the best in the future, and you never know we may be back some time in the future. I know the gym will continue to do so well with you two at the helm :).
Hope Island fitness centre is easily the best gym I have ever been to!!! Graham and Sarah, and the rest of the HIRFC staff so warm and friendly and take the time to get to know you as a person and not just a member. They are always there to offer help and support or just to have a friendly chat. This is an experience that has been foreign to me in my experiences at other gyms I have joined over the years. The atmosphere is very inviting and relaxed and makes you actually want to go to the gym and train. The gym itself is intimate and comfortable and has everything you would ever need. The machines are always well maintained and the gym is always extremely clean and tidy. The classes which include boxing, metafit, and boot camp, make you work your ass off while at the same time are extremely fun and rewarding. There are no negatives at HIRFC and my experience there has been entirely positive. I am very sad to leave and do not feel I will ever find a gym that compares to the quality of HIRFC and the staff who work there.
Zoë Moynahan


Fraser has to leave a place that he loves

My partner and Ii joined the Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre as soon as we arrived in the beautful suburb of Hope Island. Having been members of a few different gyms in New Zealand and Australia we finally found a place that we absolutely loved. The intimacy of the gym is something unrivalled, the warm welcome we recieved from owners Graham and Sarah was a welcome change to other gyms where you are viewed as just another number. This gym has absolutely everything that you will ever need including a variety of group fitness classes free to members and free access to the awesome Twisted Sister obstacle course. I'm really gutted that I have to leave to move back to NZ as the HIRFC has set the bar so high I don't think I will come across another gym to rival the warm welcome and top class equipment that has now become par for the course since joining the HIRFC.
Fraser Griffiths


Emma finds HIRFC 'a gym like no other'

Imagine your perfect gym. Imagine a gym where the members are friendly and they say hello with a warm smile. The trainers and owners know your name. It’s kind of like working out in an episode of Cheers "where everybody knows your name.." (for those of you who are old enough to remember that show). I’ve always been weary of gyms. You know the ones, where everyone looks you up and down and are wearing the very latest gear and you feel like an outsider and it’s really a mission and a struggle to go.
Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre is not one of those gyms. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that HIRFC is a gym unlike any other . This is the first gym in my life that i actually want to go to. It’s a warm, inviting and supportive atmosphere. Working out is fun. Words I’d never though I’d say. Graham, one half of the owners, is hilarious. A workout or class with him is really good fun. Jokes are made, laughs are had, all while getting your butt kicked. Graham genuinely cares about your process and goals and will help you get there. Snob the chains, where you are just a number and start your journey with HIFC. DO. IT. NOW!
Emma Land


Mike found age and level of fitness no barrier

I joined the Hope island Fitness Centre 18 months ago and would just like to say how pleased I am to be a member. As the centre is in the resort and only a short buggy ride I thought it was a good opportunity to try and get a bit fitter. I would like to commend you, Mel and the staff for your friendly and professional approach and it is good to see no matter what your age or fitness level everyone is treated equally.
The equipment is well maintained and there is never the feeling of being overcrowded whilst I am there which is a big plus. Thanks for your effort in making the gym what it is Graham and it’s great to have it on the resort.
Mike Taylor- East Coast Commercials


Lisa's 'home away from home' provides no escape from hard work

Be warned! This is not a 'regular' gym. You will love it and you will keep coming again and again.
Obviously, you can tell that I am in love with this place. It's my home away from home.
I joined originally just to lose weight (which I have) but there are many other benefits I've enjoyed.
It's a smaller gym which means its intimate, there's no hiding or escaping from working hard.
It has an ambience which is welcoming, informal and relaxed.
I've got to know almost everyone here and I've made many new friends.
We all support one another to perform our best.
The staff are always approachable, encouraging and supportive and keep us laughing while we work.
The gym itself is always clean and tidy and the range of equipment provides a never ending scope of varied routines.
What I love most of all is that this is a gym that is without all the artificial pomp and ceremony.
The people are genuine and its a place where we all enjoy.


HIRFC meets Lizzie's high standards

I started coming to Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre in September of last year when we moved to the area. I have to honestly say I was blown away by how supportive and friendly the environment is. I have been a member a number of gyms in the past and have always enjoyed keeping fit and healthy so my standards were very high when joining HIRFC. I was not disappointed! The classes that are offered are absolutely fantastic, and provide a really great additional service on top of the use of the gym which is full of all types of machines for all types of fitness levels. I will admit this gym has turned me into an addict! The classes are really varied in style and kick my butt each and every time, and as mentioned the feeling of support offered by the trainers and the other members is my favourite bit!
You guys are the best!
Lizzie Lawrence


Michelle finds a greeting and a smile refreshing

I’ve been a member for over 12 months and I absolutely love it! From the beginning everyone has been very friendly and welcoming. There’s no snobbery, “Barbie Dolls” or “Steroid Using” idiots! The Classes are fantastic, set at workable times and the experienced Trainers are very motivating without being patronising or over the top! It’s so refreshing to be a part of a gym where all the Members smile and say hello.


Tania finds fresh air, exercise and a laugh

I had loathed gyms. Hated the stuffy rooms, repetitious and predictable classes, ostentatious staff and mirror gazers. HIRFC has converted me! Staff are supportive, intelligent and humble. The classes are well thought out and non threatening, and fellow gym members are of diverse backgrounds, shapes, sizes and abilities. Starting the day with fresh air, exercising whilst having a laugh, I can sincerely say I enjoy and look forward to coming to HIRFC every chance I get, and am now a gym enthusiast!
Tania Dawson


Jenny has made a commitment to her health

How refreshing to find this inspiring gym! From the first moment you step through the door you feel the difference. The whole vibe never fails to uplift you and the staff always make you feel at ease. The setting is perfect at Hope Island Resort – surrounded by beautiful lawns and tennis courts, the atmosphere is full of health and vitality. And the welcome is genuine, no matter what level of fitness you are.
I have just renewed my membership as the gym far surpassed any expectations – and not least because of the genuine and solid foundation created by owners Graham and Sarah. The gym obviously reflects their goals, knowledge, holistic values and fantastic senses of humour!
Hope Island Resort Fitness (HIRF) is not part of a chain of gyms which means its programs and operations can and does exist outside the square. This is what makes it unique and sets it apart. The boot camps are edgy and fun – set outdoors in the fresh air during the day or under the stars at night – the perfect environment to challenge your mind, body, spirit and surprise yourself!
It’s obvious the owners and staff are held in the highest esteem by members – they have such a genuine and caring interest in everyone but are not “in your face” like so many other gyms. They respect your workout time and are perceptive to your needs. The programs written individually tailored, original and succinctly reflect your goals.
And I can honestly say through their understated support, I have achieved my goals. I have learnt more about myself and what I can achieve and I am so grateful for that! With family and work commitments I’ve finally learned to make a commitment to my health. I’ve been going to gyms for years, however this is the first time I am truly enjoying taking it to another level and keeping fit. And this is key if you want to achieve consistency. Finally I have found that consistency which has been somewhat elusive to me over the years.
HIRF - Unique, genuine, honest. No gimmicks, no hard sell and not expensive!
To Graham and all the professional crew at HIRF – my heartfelt thank you for providing such a friendly, honest, enjoyable, unique and inspiring environment. I hope I have conveyed you in the esteem in which you are held - Here’s to 2015…I am sure it will be a cracker…. You all deserve it! Cheers - Jenny
Jennifer Donohoe


Amanda found a great environment for 'chicks that lift'

I am passionate about health and fitness hence I am very particular about the gym I train in. I chose HIRFC not only for the facilities & value for money (wide range of equipment, classes, Twisted Sister combat course, PT, 24/7 access) but for the atmosphere. Graham and the team have created an environment where ‘chicks that lift’ feel completely comfortable in the weights section as the boys. This has enabled me to increase my strength and fitness dramatically and see physical changes I haven’t been able to achieve in the past. Come in and see it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.
— Amanda Armytage | Manager - Advice Revenue


Renee can laugh even when it hurts

I can happily say if it wasn't for my sister I wouldn't be writing this testimonial right now. A little over a year ago she convinced me to come try the boxing class here at HIRFC. I have always been very active from a young age & enjoyed going to gym, playing netball, running, bike riding & more but have always enjoyed doing my own thing. Well that was until I came here. You see at HIRFC it's different, it's not like most gyms. Everyone is happy & friendly not to mention the staff they make classes fun & even when you are hurting you still manage to laugh. It's easy going, it's unpretentious it's real with great all weather workouts & friendly non intimidating staff. The classes are great, I love all of them & not to mention free for members. What more could you want! Thanks for making my workouts fun
Renee Aldridge


Karen not worried now about what others may think

To all the great staff at Hope Island Fitness,I would just like to say thank you to all the wonderful people that work at the gym as they are always willing to give helpful advice and give you encouragement . I have never been a fan of going to the gym but i have really enjoyed coming here because you are not just a face all the staff know you by name no matter how many times you come and to me that is very important. I started as an over weight person nervous what other people thought but i felt good about coming to the gym as i was not judged by other members or staff so thank you Graham and Sarah for running a great gym and a great crew.
Karen Hubbert


Felix finds the HIRFC environment intantly comfortable

Upon my first time entering the fitness centre, I instantly felt a motivational vibe. I was greeted with friendly staff and was instantly comfortable in the environment I was in.
With the help of Graham and his staff, I quickly begun to get the results I've been after for a long time. With the knowledgable staff, extensive equipment and the phenomenal members, it is near impossible to achieve your fitness goals. I would highly recommend this fitness centre.
Felix Kalade


Tina and Sydney improve their fitness levels and mindset

We thoroughly enjoy coming to this gym, it has improved our fitness levels and mindset and has given us the opportunity to change our lifestyle. All the trainers are supportive, easy to approach and help us achieve our goals. The group sessions are great to improve fitness levels and give the opportunity to meet new people and help each other out. Thanks to all the trainers for all the support.
Tina Hubbert and Sydney Maple


Paul gets fit and reduces his cholesterol ...

I am not a gym type of person, but about six months ago I decided I would join a gym and get fit. My motivation was to lose a little weight and to get my lifelong cholesterol problem under control.
I joined the Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre and have not looked back. Graham, and the team have been great and it is a terrific environment. Not too big, but with all the latest gear and more importantly a dedicated and knowledgeable team always there and ever ready to lend a hand, give some advice or motivate. (And share a joke)
I now go about four times a week. My doctor is amazed as I have been able to reduce my daily medication and my cholesterol levels have reduced by about 30 percent. I am now back in the normal range, something that has been out of reach for years.
Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre has delivered on every front and I recommend it highly to anyone who has possibly been intimidated by gyms in the past. Join the team and you will get results.
Paul Wilson, The Sovereign Islands
October 2012


Kely's now fitter than ever...

I have been a member of the HIRFC since just after it opened and I am fitter than ever! Friendly staff and great facilities too. Thank you HIRFC.
Kely Putri
October 2012


Mandy finds a special magic at HIRFC ...

In this day and age, it's hard to find a gym where you have everything rolled under one roof. Hope Island Fitness Centre is a friendly, encouraging environment, encompassing all aspects of fitness, boot-camp, diet, nutrition, exercise and injury prevention. Graham Matthews and his team are in my opinion the very best to keep you motivated at all times, aiming to achieve your goals whilst keeping the fun factor!
There is a special magic here at Hope Island Fitness Centre, everyone that spends time here knows what it's all about. Once you get the taste of'll be hooked!! I know I am. Thanks team, cannot live without you ever again!!
Mandy Mills
October 2012


Owen discovers workouts can be fun ...

I thought I would drop you a quick line thanking you and your team for your continued assistance in helping me get my body & health back in shape.
On joining Hope Island Fitness Centre I mentioned that I was not a fan of gyms but the effort your team goes to making everyone feel welcome is great. The relaxed atmosphere makes for an enjoyable work out (if there is such a thing?). I am now at the point that I feel better and fitter than I have done in some time thanks to your help.
The program you put together for me and you’re continued monitoring of this reassures me that I will achieve what I set out to do.
Owen Todd
October 2012


Scott's weight loss goals are on track...

I trained with Graham at the Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre for a number of weeks to get down from 149 kg to below 110 kg to allow me to be considered for a job I was seeking in the mines. As I got fitter I found myself spending more and more time in the gym between personal training sessions and my weight continued to drop. I now weight 97 kg’s and have taken up full time employment.
Graham has pushed me harder than I would push myself without a personal trainer and the reassurance of having someone track my performance has helped me see the progress and given me the confidence to continue when I have struggled with my focus.
The Hope Island Resort Fitness Centre is a fantastic gym that has a personal touch. They have amazing new equipment and everything you could possibly want and can cater for everyone, regardless of age or gender
Scott Phillips
April 2012


Paul found the positive reinforcement and motivation he needed...

I first went to see Graham and the team when I was 123 kg (I am 198cm tall and was 34 years of age). I was instantly impressed with their professionalism, dedication and needed assistance to remove the extra weight I was carrying as it was taking it’s toll on my body. Now I feel better than ever and I have lost 15 kilograms, plus 14cm's off my waist and 10cm's off my hips. I am fast approaching my goal weight of 105 kilograms and expect to reach this in the next few weeks.
Graham has an ability to get the best out of me through positive reinforcement and subtle motivation. I also appreciate the variety in my sessions and that Graham is a perfectionist when it comes to exercise technique. I have noticed an increase in strength, better cardio performance and, most importantly, a change in my body shape. The comments I get on my new body shape from others are also a huge positive.
I now look forward to every workout with Graham and the hour session seems to just fly by. I can't thank him enough for how my life and health has improved with his guidance and friendship.
I highly recommend Graham and his team. They are serious about improving physical fitness, health and general well-being. The hard work is definitely worth it.
The new gym that has now been built promises to be a fantastic facility for Hope Island and I am fortunate to have the inside running for membership being a personal training client already.
Paul Smerdon
April 2012


Shane found success in losing weight and regaining his fitness...

When I started training with Graham Matthews , my goal was to drop 30 kg's and get fit again. With Graham's personalised sessions and diet advice I have now lost 35 kg and competed in my first competitive boxing competition ( a new goal I set mid-way through my training).
Going from someone who hadn't stepped foot in a gym for over 20 years, I now train 4-5 times a week and actually look forward to my sessions. Graham changes the sessions regularly as my progress requires, not only to target different muscle groups, but to keep things interesting and fun.
Graham's advice and support have been immeasurable. If you want to change your body and lifestyle, give Graham a call - the only thing you've got to lose is the weight.
Shane Sharpin
April 2012